Since 2011, BNC-Africa has been involve, as a consultancy and marketing advisor, with the development of the Leones Vegetarianos Football Club, based in Malabo, who currently play in the 2012 semi-professional League in Guinea Equatorial.

The club main sponsor is CEIBA INTERCONTINENTAL, an airline company, based at the Malabo International Airport and the airline Financial Director, Mr Ateba, is the president of the Vegetarianos FC.

Last January, Didier Abada (BNC-Africa Sports consultant) was present in Malabo, during the African Cup 2012, and brought with him a lot of equipment, personalized with the colours of the national team (Nzalang Nacional), that was deliver to the employees of the club and the CEIBA, to show their support during the competition in Malabo and Bata.

The club ambition is to become one of the best team (at a professional level) in the region and qualify each year for the main continental cups and competitions. Another one is to develop the club as a professional structure, following a European model and build bridge with clubs in Africa and in Europe, with the possibility to create a football academy to promote tolerance, respect and understanding in all aspect of life.

We are currently looking at the possibility to develop a web portal for the club, with features and design that will give their fans a brand new interactive experience, and open football in Guinea Equatorial to the rest of the world.