About us

Our Vision

To create a global entity, dedicated to the enhancement of government management, business stability and development growth, with the ultimate objective of improving people’s lives in Africa.

Our Mission

To continuously develop and expand a suite of consulting systems that deliver unparalleled results for governments, business owners and development organisations.
To ensure our methodologies remain at the cutting edge.
To use our consulting experience to help our clients achieve their goals with confidence.

The target market for BNC is Africa and especially, the CEMAC region

Business_Network Consulting has brought to the public and business market in Africa a truly unique, simple and affordable approach to developing and implementing projects in several sectors, enabling government to benefit from tangible differences within their own structure, from increased turnover and profit, to staff improvements, spending control, sustainable growth and a more global way of management.

We are, as a consultancy agency, focused on strategic solutions that deliver sustainable and profitable growth.

Our consulting systems are based on the approach of some consulting entities leaders, such as KPMG, Accenture and McKinsey, and have been adapted to fit the requirements of the public and business market in Africa.

In short, there is a strategic process behind every consulting programme, guided by analysing each functional, which helps formulate strategy selection and implementation. Each strategy is reviewed and measured at every stage, to ensure it is on track, giving confidence to our client that the process is delivering results.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience covers all major industries, strategic publics departments and crucial business issues. Our network have an extensive and broad range of expertise to help find solutions and approach to tailor needs precisely to meet the needs of our clients or partners.

What sets the BNC-Africa consulting process apart is our combination of customised, strategic and professional advice. We assist, help and provide the ongoing development needed and assess the necessary knowledge and skills. Consultancy is a two-way process between us and our client, to ensure that both sides consistently meet targets and timeframes, within a system that is accountable and results-oriented.