One World One Game One Culture

For a lot of people, this marketing group of words looks more like an utopia that would be more about time wasting than achieving something that would change people life.

But for AsiaEurope Football, this is reality.
A branch of the AsiaEurope Group, AsiaEurope Football have several sports programs in place all around the world which are running successfully and with the help and support of their partners have made a huge impact in a lot of communities.

In 2005, AsiaEurope Football opened the UK’s first Educational Football Academy in Liverpool with the Liverpool Hope University, to promote ethnic football in the UK. This program was developed by AsiaEurope Football which now acts as a blueprint for our football programs around the world.

These past few years, AsiaEurope Football have developed strong links with Africa to develop grassroots football, work with local FA and clubs to give young kids an opportunity to play football and learn about the sport through playing, coaching and managing.

AsiaEurope Football is currently involved in Africa, at all level of the game in Gambia, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa, with an objective to implement new football project in Central Africa in the near future.
On a global scale, the group is also involved in UK, Germany, Spain, Greece, India, Pakistan, Peru, Brazil and the USA.

For a lot of people in Europe, football is a passion and a way of life, if you father was a Red Devils fan (Manchester United) at your birth, you will be a Red Devils fan for the rest of your life.
In Africa, for a lot of young kids playing barefoot in the street, football is more than that; it is their hope for a better life, their dream of a secure future, their way to feel alive. And few of them have an opportunity to learn the game within a proper sport structure and understand how to improve their game to one day, finally, live their dream and share that security with their family back home.

In some of these African countries, AsiaEurope Football is trying to do just that, give hope, by using football as an international language to share their passion for the game.

Not everyone can be the next Drogba or the next Eto’o, playing professional football in France or England, but any kids in Africa can have an opportunity to try and this is already more than what they have ever dreamed of.

Patrice de Boeck is director for Business_Network Consulting | A consultancy focused on providing fresh and innovative approach to investment and development in Central Africa, through the provision of services covering Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Sports Sponsorship.