THINK : Foundation for a better World

One of the great unknowns of today is the way our leaders, our governments and members of the G8 will decide to do to build a better world for tomorrow. They cannot afford to be passive and let technological progress make decisions for them; however they must anticipate the current trends with a positive strategy in order to guarantee our security and a better living condition for our children.

Today financial crisis is a perfect example of an elite government that has failed to foresee the collapse of an archaic and uncontrolled financial system, which resulted, in most financial market place, in the development of a global trading exchanges volume, exceeding the financial capital or resources available to them.

Too often we forget that the world around us changes constantly and gradually: countries such as Japan, Germany and Italy have seen their population becoming increasingly older, which could dramatically affect, in the short-term, their economy, education systems and infrastructure.
The positive development of a "Green Economy" more in tune with our environment, which in political terms may affect the civilian sector and financial, has been a positive step toward a better way of using our resources and protecting our planet.
Internet today has become the main tool of communication in all areas of activity and the impact of the [world wide web] on our professional and private life is quite impressive today.
Diplomacy is now a key element for any successful business, as well as to help our governments to work together and discuss positively with their citizens and partners.

The success of a competitive globalization, and a human one, has to be achieved with a better cooperation between nations from both hemisphere and by improving diplomatic relations between peoples.

But what’s about Africa?

One of the strong arguments of the IBM Think Project for a better world in 2020 is to promote continued cooperation with Africa by offering every government the right solutions to help them to work better together and to solve important problems such as national security and immigration, the development of a competitive business sector and implementing a proper health service to be able to fight against deadly disease such as AIDS, Malaria, Ebola...

Asia is undoubtedly the continent of today with the emergence of China and Japan's competitiveness in areas such as information technology, multimedia and the car industry, but Africa has all the tools and talents to be the continent of the TOMORROW.

Patrice de Boeck is director for Business_Network Consulting | A consultancy focused on providing fresh and innovative approach to investment and development in Central Africa, through the provision of services covering Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Sports Sponsorship.