Is FREEDOM a complex ideal...

In politics, the idea of Freedom comes up quite often, but the word Freedom has little meaning if we do not have a common definition.

Theoretically, Freedom is not that complex of an ideal. But putting theoretical ideals into practice becomes much more difficult: the black-and-whiteness of ideals becomes muddled with the various grey hues of practice's complexity.

Freedom starts with a principle of self-control, also known as self-ownership. In a free society, each and every person has legal control of their own body and mind. As such, the concept of Freedom refers to a certain type of political empowerment. It refers specifically to equal empowerment. In other words, a free society is one with an equal distribution of legal rights and in which each and every person has as much legal rights as possible.

We enjoy all these Freedoms here in England. No one tells us how many children we can have. We are allowed to own our own home and/or business, work where we wish, get an education, worship the God of our choice in the way that we choose, and in the church of our liking, or not at all, if we so desire. We are free to travel, or to stay at home. No one puts up walls to keep us contained within any boundaries. We are free to live in the location of our choice, but we are also free to move from state to state with no restrictions, if that is our desire.

Basically, a free person has the legal allowance to do whatever he or she wants insofar as he or she does not offensively harm or coerce other people against those other people's wills. Remember, the limitation is a logical requirement. Freedom obviously cannot include the legal right to limit other people's Freedom because that would be illogical.

We are the few fortunate. We can choose the size of our family, the size of our home is limited only by our capacity and willingness to earn our living. We are free to bargain with our employer about the amount our skills and expertise are worth and the conditions under which we are expected to work. We receive fair compensation for our labours and we are free to spend it in the way we choose, and free to invest and save for our retirement years.

We enjoy so much more Freedom. But this privilege does not come cheap.

Freedom in Britain have been bought and paid for with the blood, sweat, and tears of previous generations and their peers who still stand tall today in the military, ready and willing to defend our Freedoms from any and all transgressors all over the world. These are your husbands, sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, cousins, daughters, wives, mothers, aunts, friends...

A famous phrase from a former a US career military officer was: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight until my death for your right to say it."

Who can give us more than that? Shouldn't we give as much as we can back to them?

Patrice de Boeck is director for Business_Network Consulting | A consultancy focused on providing fresh and innovative approach to investment and development in Central Africa, through the provision of services covering Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Sports Sponsorship.